Student Life 3.0.8

Student Life 3.0.8: Simplify the chaos of college life with this cool student organizer software. students to track their scholarship applications and student loans. The reminder manager allows the student to maintain all their reminders for any and all activities. The conversion calculator is a great tool for students to use to convert any weight, distance, temperature, volume, or velocity values. The calendar function helps students look at their daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Student Life has all this and the added feature of allowing

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Student`s EduWeb 2.1

students` learning. It`s a simple case of automating for the sake of automating. Instead of automating, we should be informating in schools. To do this, intranet development in schools should be driven and owned by the students and that`s where Students` EduWeb comes in. It does the automating so the students can get on with the informating. In a nutshell, EduWeb takes all the legwork out of developing a student-centered intranet. In a typical school

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SynchronEyes Computer Lab Instruction Software 3.0.1

student questions. When a student sends a question, a hand-up icon appears on that thumbnail image. Respond to the student or to several students at once. Group students. View thumbnails of and communicate with individual groups. Assist students from your desktop. Click on a thumbnail image for a full-screen view of the student`s desktop. Then take control of the computer to guide the student through a problem. Broadcast your screen or any student

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Custom-DB Student Information System 4.02: track student grades, teachers and classes in a database to report student data
Custom-DB Student Information System 4.02

Student enrollment in classes - Grades and GPA in each enrolled class - Associated teacher for each class 4. Class information 5. Teacher information 6. Reporting - Print report card for all students - Print class schedule for all students - Print transcript - List students based on current year GPA range - List students based on cumulative GPA range - Find students who have graduated / not graduated 7. Easily set school settings - Datamine past

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Student Grade Calculator 1.0: Student Grade Calculator for Excel makes easy work of grading students.
Student Grade Calculator 1.0

Student Grade Calculator for Excel makes easy work of grading students. It quickly weights the students grades on a per-assignment basis. For example, you have 5 papers and 2 tests. The tests are each worth 25% of the student`s grades. Each papaer is 10% of the grade. Student Grade Calc automatically weights the grade for each assignment and calculates the student`s course grade.

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Math Stars Plus 2010r2

Math Stars Plus challenges students to complete all fact groups up to a selectable number. As each function is successfully completed, the student earns a STAR. When 4 stars have been earned, the student`s name is entered into the Hall of Fame. The program records every problem the student attempts and can be set to use the student`s previous data in selecting new problems. The program includes customizable sounds.

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Cleantouch School Management System Ver 3.0 3.0: All-in-One Software for Schools, Collages & Educational Institutes
Cleantouch School Management System Ver 3.0 3.0

Students Receipt (Single), Students Receipt (Multiple), Student Receipt Report, Staff Payment Voucher, Student Ledger, Receivable Statement, Month wise Receivable Sheet, Ledger Account, Trial Balance (2 Column), Trial Balance (6 Column), Profit & Loss, Shifts List, Levels List, Student Complete List, Student Contact Sheet, Student Attendance Status, Staff List, Staff Attendance Status, Attendance Register - Students, Attendance Register - Staff,

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